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Guide to sizing rings 

How to find your ring size

Finding a ring that fits comfortably should be like slipping on a pair of your favourite jeans. So getting your size right is important, after all there is nothing worse then a tight ring that turns your fingers into sausages. By far the most accurate way is to go into a jewellers to get your finger measured. Or take in a ring that fits the finger you want the new ring for to be sized. Obviously when you are buying a surprise gift this isn't always an option so here are a few other ways to find the size.

It's best to measure your finger when your hands are not cold as this will give a smaller then true size. Measure them at the end of the day. Also take into consideration the style of ring you are looking to buy. A wider ring band will need to be bigger as it will sit higher up the finger, your finger gets bigger towards the knuckle. I can make rings to most sizes depending on the design and most can be made adjustable too. 

how do I know my ring size
measuring your finger

If getting the ring or finger sized at a jewellers is not an option you can buy a ring sizer from my website. These are great to have at home as then you can size any finger at anytime in the future. You just take the plastic measuring device and wrap around the finger you wish to measure making sure you don't pull the sizer too tight. It needs to slip over the knuckle. Click the image on the left to buy a ring sizer.

Another way to find the ring size is to take an existing ring that fits the finger you want the new ring to be worn on and find its size by placing it over the ring sizing template on the right. You will need to print the sizing guide out on A4 paper and check against the size guideline that it has printed out correctly.

Print size guide

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